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Church of God in Christ
44900 Acacia Lane, Suite 105
Dulles, VA 20166


Pastor Chad Carlton


Life Coach, Teacher, and Visionary…leading an International Ministry towards higher heights in Christ.

Healing H20
The Temple of Healing Waters
44900 Acacia Lane, Suite 105
Dulles, VA 20166
Phone: 703-953-2817
Web:   Facebook:  Healing H20

“The waters of this stream will heal . . . Wherever this water flows, everything will live.”

Established through this revelation in Ezekiel 47, God gave Dr. Chad Carlton, Lead Pastor of The Temple of Healing Waters in Northern Virginia, a vision to build a ministry where broken hearts, lost souls, and wounded spirits could be healed. Dr. Carlton motivates others to heal and reach their God-given destiny through his dynamic teaching and preaching. As a life coach, one of his many goals is to impact positive change by inspiring others to live victoriously. With manifestation gifts of prophecy, healing, and miracles, Pastor Carlton is passionate about motivating others to prosper spiritually and naturally, developing and discipling millionaires.

Each week, Dr. Carlton delivers messages, grounded in his love for the Word and God’s people. His exceptional ability to reach so many, from all walks of life and religious backgrounds, makes him a highly sought after speaker. As a result, Dr. Carlton has received national and local attention on the radio, television, and social media outlets for his prophetic gift to teach and reach the lost, hurt, and sick. Featured on the nationally televised program, Rejoice!, on the Word Network, Dr. Carlton shared his heartfelt and inspirational personal testimony, reaching millions worldwide with his message of hope and healing.

Under the loving care and guidance of his parents, Columbus and Rena Carlton, Dr. Carlton developed a love for God in his youth. He accepted his call to the ministry as a young man under the tutelage of his spiritual mentor, the late Bishop Sherman Scott Howard. On March 5, 2006, Dr. Carlton founded The Temple of Healing Waters, fondly referred to as “Healing H20” or “The Waters” in Loudoun County, Virginia, where the vision fosters the principles of excellence, empowerment, restoration, and healing.

A preeminent scholar, Dr. Carlton earned Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Maryland; a Master of Science degree from St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida; a Master of Theological Studies from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC; a Doctor of Ministry (DMin.) from Wesley Theological Seminary; and, is currently completing his dissertation in pursuit of earning a Doctor of Theology (ThD) from Lasalle University, Philadelphia, PA.  Because of  his preparation and competencies, Dr. Carlton has been recently appointed adjunct faculty at William Seymour College, a subsidiary of Valley Forge University, to teach an undergraduate course, Contemporary World History, and a graduate course, Historical Theology.

Dr. Carlton initiates and is involved in countless community service groups and organizations, such as Red Sunday, a community outreach program, providing food, health screenings, and clothing, sponsored by Healing Waters. As CEO of the Carlton Group, LLC, Dr. Carlton’s company operates with the primary objectives to give motivational speaking, spiritual counseling for professional athletes, and life coaching for businesses.

With a gift for ministering the message of Jesus Christ to all nationalities and religious backgrounds, as well as operating under an apostolic anointing, Dr. Carlton is dedicated to reaching the multicultural demographics of Northern Virginia. As a result, he attracts others from all walks of life through his compassionate and charismatic approach. Healing H20, which has seen tremendous growth, draws the community with its many ministries, including: Lifeguard, a dynamic men’s ministry, iLife, an economic empowerment initiative; The Fish Tank, an interactive Christian kids ministry ages 3-11; a phenomenal service designed for teenagers called, RIOT; and Hooked-4-Life, a thriving marriage ministry, to name a few.

As founder of the Northern Virginia Metropolitan District, Dr. Carlton serves as Superintendent under the leadership of Jurisdictional Prelate of Virginia Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, Bishop Wilbert Lee Daniels, Sr. The NOVA Metropolitan District, a multicultural and innovative fellowship of churches, comprises COGIC, as well as non-COGIC churches. Most recently, Dr. Carlton has had the distinct honor of being recognized as one of COGIC’s 100 Influential Pastors.

A devoted husband to Pastor Darice Carlton, Dr. Carlton relishes his time with her and his beloved children, Dylan, Dru & Denver.


Pastor M. Darice Carlton

Pastor Darice Carlton, a native of Washington, D.C., is an anointed teacher and speaker who demonstrates her love of God to others at The Temple of Healing Waters in Dulles, Virginia.  As the wife of Dr. Chad Carlton, she and her husband were led by the Lord to begin a prophetic ministry, focused on helping those in need of restoration and healing.  The Temple of Healing Waters opened its doors on March 6, 2006, and exploded with miracles of healing, as well as souls being saved and delivered.  Pastor Darice is the Executive Pastor  for Healing H20, which oversees Marketing, Advertising, Evangelism, Social Media, WOW (Women On Water – Women’s Ministry).  She also governs a women’s community group, Diva’s With Divine Purpose, organized for the sole purpose of empowering women to realize God-given dreams.

Annually, Pastor Darice travels to the Dominican Republic to feed & clothe over 500 children for the #CarolsLove mission initiative in memory of her aunt, Carol Groves, who passed away of osteopathic cancer in 2014.  Her efforts embody the quintessential ideals of unconditional love, which Carol exemplified, and an untiring commitment to make the lives of others better.  Pastor Darice believes such a contribution in Carol’s memory is an embodiment of Jesus’ witness of God’s compassion on earth.

With a gift to serve instilled in her at an early age by her mother, Pastor Darice is always ready to help those around her in need.  As the only child of Deaconness Paulette Farrell, a hardworking single parent, Pastor Darice was not only taught but also shown the example of what it meant to live by faith and not by sight.  She learned early on that nothing was impossible if she believed.  As a result of her mother’s sacrifice, she always had the best, and education was always of the utmost importance as well as broadening her horizons.  From the finest of finishing schools to overseas travel, her mother ensured that although no father was present, her child never felt at a disadvantage because of it.  Because of her positive upbringing in spite of challenges, Pastor Darice has a heart to help others work past obstacles to achieve God’s destiny for their lives.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from The University of Maryland, Lady Carlton held prominent positions in Communications and Internet Marketing, including employment at Fox TV, CBS Sportsline, America Online and Comcast.  However, after the birth of their first child, she returned to work and immediately turned her resignation in to give her full attention to her husband and son.  She has never regretted that decision.  Since then, she has become licensed in real estate and has been a real estate investor and agent for over 14 years.  Whatever position Lady Carlton has held, she has always sought to help others walk in their God-given purposes and gifts.

Out of Pastor Darice’s many accomplishments, she believes her primary purpose is to support her husband, Dr. Chad Carlton, and to lovingly raise Godly children.  She is blessed to have a son, Dylan, and twin girls, Dru and Denver.  She firmly believes in the importance of demonstrating God’s love as the best example to teach her children.