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About Us

Founded by Pastor Chad Carlton in Sterling, VA, The Temple of Healing Waters COGIC is an International Church committed to fostering the principles of Excellence, Empowerment, Restoration and Healing, that provides a Biblical Basis for Personal Achievement naturally and spiritually.” Pastor Carlton’s ministry spans the globe, offering a renewed sense of hope to those who are lost and hurting. The prophetic ministry at The Temple of Healing Waters has been accompanied by signs, wonders and miracles being performed right before the congregations eyes. Tumors have dried up, cancer has been eradicated and weak hearts have been regulated as the powerful move of the Holy Spirit manifested itself in the sanctuary.

Our Vision

We are an international church committed to fostering and sustaining excellence, empowerment, restoration, and healing, always providing a biblical basis for personal growth naturally and spiritually.

Our Mission

To help people find their way to God through Jesus Christ by multiplying congregations, churches, and campuses that celebrate, connect and contribute to the Way of Jesus Christ, and that fosters professional growth.

Service Times:

8:30a effectivenJan 2018

Worship Services:

Teen Service 11:45a except 1st Sundays

1st Sundays  Communion 9:30a

Women’s Wednesday 1st Wednesdays 7pm (check Facebook for location)

Prayer 3rd Wednesdays 7pm

Virtual Online Bible Study 2nd, 4th, 5th Wednesdays 7pm 
via Facebook LIVE Healing H20

1st MONDAYS Men’s Monday 7pm (check Facebook for location)

H20 Suitland Launch Date May 2018 – 12:30pm Worship – Location TBA


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